Sea transport

Many of our imports arrive by sea and are coordinated with several other modes of transport. It is therefore vital that all actors in the transport chain can communicate with each other in an efficient way and reduce the risk of misunderstandings.

The sector needs to simplify interaction between actors and create common cost-effective solutions while meeting demands for sustainability.

GS1 has developed standards to facilitate transport purchasing and simplify goods traceability.

Transport Management

The business process Transport Management is a solution for exchanging business information electronically. Transport flow is used between buyers and carriers to exchange information in connection with a transport. The business process supports intermodal transport, where several modes of transport, such as trains, lorries and ferries, are used in combination to transport the goods. Transport flow is also suitable for shipments across borders.

Watch the video of how Stena Line and DSV use GS1 standards 

Mona Lisa/STM (Sea Traffic Management)

The Swedish Maritime Administration and Victoria Swedish ICT, together with other European actors, are running the EU-financed project Mona Lisa/STM, with the goal of improved efficiency, safety and reduced environmental impact for the maritime sector.

The STM Validation Project is the successor to Mona Lisa with the aim of validating the proposed solutions that Mona Lisa has developed.

GS1 participates actively in the STM Validation Project with verification of the efficiency of information exchange.

Standards for sea transport:


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