Transport & Logistics

Almost all companies buying and selling products need transport and logistics services. Goods are shipped within and across national boundaries where several different modes of transport are used.

Many Swedish companies are dependent on foreign trade. One challenge is that regardless of what is being shipped, where to, and which type of transportation mode is being used, Swedish companies must be able to work with standards and processes that function everywhere, both in Sweden and internationally.

Recent years have seen increased demands for sustainable transport so that the negative effects on nature and peoples’ health can be minimised. This can include calculating and reducing emissions of carbon dioxide or reducing the quantity of waste.

The GS1 global sets of standards provide both buyers and sellers of transport and logistics services with control over transports and warehousing as well as making it easier to meet sustainability requirements.


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If you have any questions regarding GS1 and transport & logistics, please contact our sector manager Cecilia Strokirk, tel +46 8 50 10 10 47