GS1 standards are widely used by producers, artists and recording companies to protect and track revenues from music.

The Swedish music industry is one of the most exciting sectors. It has undergone enormous changes in recent years with the dramatic increase in digital downloads and streaming services. There is concern about pirate copying and the need to protect royalties is a constant factor.

Our globally recognised standards play an important role in helping to solve these problems.

GS1 Sweden cooperates with the  Grammotex music database which contains some 130,000 orderable music items on CD and DVD divided into a number of categories with a range of different search options for suppliers, distributors or retailers of music in Sweden. Grammotex is owned by the leading music distributors.

Books, periodicals and sheet music

Retail is one of GS1’s prioritised sectors, both globally and in Sweden. If you are in the retail business and have any questions that you would like us to put on the agenda you are more than welcome to contact us.

Books, periodicals and sheet music also use GS1 standards for more efficient trade, logistics and consumer information.

Here is information on how books, periodicals and sheet music are assigned a unique number.

Numbering books, sheet music and periodicals

Books, sheet music and periodicals can be identified with a GTIN-13 in the same way as other goods. It is also possible to transform the industry codes ISBN (for books), ISMN (for sheet music) and ISSN (for periodicals) to a GTIN-13.

All information about ISBN, ISMN and ISSN can be found on the websites of the National Library of Sweden’s ISBN central and ISSN Sverige.

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Numbering periodicals

Contact GS1 Sweden for information about numbering periodicals that are distributed directly by the publisher.

Contact Tidsam for information about numbering periodicals that are distributed by Tidsam.

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Do you have questions regarding GS1 and retail? Please contact our sector manager Lena Coulibaly, tel +46 8 50 10 10 73