GS1’s standards enable companies to identify, capture and share product information throughout the value chain.

Do you sell online? Get a barcode from GS1

If you sell online you may get asked if you have a barcode, GTIN or EAN number. Your first thought might be, What is that? But order a barcode from GS1 Sweden and get our expert support. You will always be on a winner.

The digits printed under a barcode are your products’ unique identities. And you need these numbers to be able to sell via online markets such as Amazon, eBay, etc. We supply these numbers – we are part of the global GS1 organisation which manages barcode standards and issues numbers.

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Challenges of e-commerce

The growth of e-commerce and mobile technologies has given consumers more power than ever before. They have ever higher expectations for product information, product availability and the shopping experience.

However, there is a gap between what consumers expect and what retailers can offer. But for retailers and suppliers there is a real challenge to find a way to offer their consumers a simple shopping solution.

Working together with industry to deliver a new strategy

To create a seamless experience for the consumer, retailers and suppliers must always have visible, accurate and integrated information on their products.

This enables the products that consumers want to be delivered when and where they want them, strengthen the brand and increase sales.

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