For many years the clothing and shoe sectors have actively supported GS1 standards and this involvement continues today.

Today, consumers have more power. They expect accurate, clear product information and information on the availability of the product. They will simply move on to the next store or channel if they cannot find the products they want when they want them.

This requires improved stock management, a more efficient supply chain, more transparency and the ability to meet customers’ wishes. Efficient business processes and improved product safety are also becoming more important, initially in areas such as clothing, shoes and commodities.

What started several decades ago with EAN codes and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) has now developed to include Electronic Product Code (EPC) – activated radio-frequency identification (RFID).

Many of the national GS1 organisations around the world are working very actively in different retail sectors. There are lots of ideas to share and things to learn from our sister organisations, for example:

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