Alcoholic beverages

GS1 standards are well established in trade and distribution of alcoholic beverages. Items and packages are numbered with GTINs, pallets with SSCCs and GLNs are used to identify, for example, business partners. Packages and pallets are labelled with GS1 barcodes.

Just as in the grocery sector, barcode labelling began with consumer packages, that is bottles, cans, etc., and subsequently spread to cases and pallets to improve the efficiency of stockkeeping and logistics.

Trade item information based on GS1 standard ensures that supplier and buyer are speaking the same language.

With a global and common standard in place, the beverage sector can make further efficiency improvements and also create the possibility of traceability.

GS1 has developed a model for traceability of wine which is scalable from the largest winemakers down to a single grower.

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Join in and influence the development of GS1 standards

If you are in the beverage business and would like to get involved in the development of GS1 standards, solutions and services, you are welcome to participate in the work GS1 Sweden is doing together with the sector. This work is carried out in user groups.

GS1’s user groups provide – in addition to the possibility to influence standards and processes – inspiration, increased knowledge and a wider understanding.

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Do you have questions regarding GS1 and foodservice? Please contact our sector manager Lena Coulibaly, tel +46 8 50 10 10 73