Electricity, water and gas

The electricity sector uses a standardised global identification system for installations and metering points which provides greater security and efficiency. Standards simplify cooperation between players in the sector. This also applies to gas and water.

Nowadays, electricity customers can choose which supplier they want to buy from but get their power delivered by the local network provider. So that suppliers can collaborate when customers change supplier, the electricity sector has chosen to create unique identifiers for meters, installations and metering points using GS1 standards, which simplifies sector collaboration.

Electricity installations must not get mixed up when meter readings and information on consumption are stored in a common system. GS1 standards simplify cooperation and communication between electricity companies which avoids confusion. The network provider can also store additional information such as customer details and technical installation data in a database and link this information to the installation identity.

With a global and standardised identification in place, the sector has continued to improve efficiency in other areas such as invoicing, where GS1 together with users has developed a business process for periodic invoicing which makes invoice administration more efficient. 

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