Working with GS1 standards for identifying products and creating and sending trade item information ensures that supplier and user are speaking the same language. This simplifies administration of the product databases both for supplier and user. It enables traceability for products in the facility records.

One of the challenges for public lighting is that development is very rapid. It is necessary to identify items and see when deliveries do not always match the original order because of this rapid development. There are also customised orders and configured products which must be handled efficiently.

When these challenges are met, the scene is set for trading partners to communicate since they can now speak the same language.

GS1 Sweden cooperates with the sector

GS1 Sweden has close cooperation with the Swedish Transport Administration, the Swedish Electrical Wholesalers Federation, the Stockholm Traffic Office and a number of suppliers and wholesalers. Together with the sector we are pursuing questions on trade item information, identification, labelling and exchange of business information.

Join in and influence the development of GS1 standards

If you work with public lighting and would like to get involved in the development of GS1 standards, solutions and services, you are welcome to participate in the work GS1 Sweden is doing together with the relevant organisations. This work is carried out in user groups where suppliers, wholesalers and users are represented.

GS1’s user groups provide – in addition to the possibility to influence standards and processes – inspiration, increased knowledge and a wider understanding of GS1’s standards.


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