The construction sector uses different parts of GS1 standards to make operations more efficient: from using GS1 article numbers and barcodes to bring order to warehouses and retail stores to finding information on the same product in several databases. This makes traceability possible throughout the product life cycle.

Increased traceability of products and material used in buildings is also on the authorities’ wish list. When a building is constructed or subsequently maintained, it is critical to have control over where a product is delivered or where in the building a given product is used.

Using GS1 identification for items (GTIN) and places (GLN) enables the production of reliable documentation which simplifies future maintenance and inventory of material when carrying out changes, clean-ups or demolition.

Join in and influence the development of GS1 standards

If you are in the construction or DIY business and would like to get involved in the development of GS1 standards, solutions and services, you are welcome to participate in the work GS1 Sweden is doing together with the relevant organisations. This work is carried out in user groups.


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Do you have questions regarding GS1 and construction? Please contact our sector manager Cecilia Strokirk, tel: +46 8 50 10 10 47