Your sector

GS1’s standards are designed to suit all types of company regardless of which sector the company operates in or how large or small the company is. This is a great advantage for companies that operate in several sectors in parallel.

GS1 helps more than 25 sectors do business better

We know that every sector has specific opportunities and challenges. This is why we offer sector-specific solutions. Our experts work together with our customers in user groups to identify and address business requirements. We cooperate with most industries through various sector initiatives. In this way we can, among other things:

  • contribute to providing better product information
  • increase a company’s efficiency
  • improve product safety

Through their use of GS1 standards, we enable our customers to save money, to improve service to their customers and partners and to increase sales.

We have a method of identifying, capturing and sharing information on things worldwide.”


GS1 has:

  • Reliable numbering series for globally unique identification
  • Universal barcodes for automated goods flows
  • Tested methods for sharing information between business systems
  • Neutral venues for cooperation
  • A vast network of 12,000 customers in Sweden and over a million customers worldwide
  • The world’s most widely used standard within the supply chain
  • Broad knowledge of business processes and goods flows


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