Do you need an SSCC?

An SSCC (Serial Shipping Container Code) is an 18-digit number that identifies individual packages such as pallets or cases. This identification is essential for traceability throughout the supply chain.

Create an SSCC (step-by-step guide)

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In order to create a package number (SSCC), you subscribe to a so-called company prefix from us. Using the company prefix you create numbers to identify individual packages. A company prefix is a combination of digits that is unique to your company. This means that there is no other company in the world that has the same number. In addition, the GS1 numbers you create with your company prefix can be used throughout the world.

The company prefix can be a single number which is sufficient to identify 100,000 packages, or alternatively a number series which can identify up to 100,000,000 packages.

We therefore recommend that you subscribe to a number series if you already know that you will need to identify more than 100,000 packages during the next 18 months.

In other words, it is the number of SSCCs that you need that determines if you should subscribe to a number series or a single number.

You will find the fees for a number series and single numbers at the following link. The fee is based on your company’s annual turnover.

Our fees ›

You can order a subscription in two ways:

Directly from our website ›

Or using a form that you can then send us by post ›

When you have received your certificate with your company prefix you can start to calculate the numbers themselves. You use our page “calculate check digit” to calculate your SSCC.

The certificate shows what the unique structure for your SSCC looks like.

The structure consists of a combination of digits and letters. For a series of 10,000,000 numbers, for example, the structure looks like this:

N 123456789 AAAAAAA K

N – is a leading digit that can be from 0 to 9 

123456789 – is your company prefix which must be part of all SSCCs you create.

AAAAAAA – is a sequence number. You decide this yourself. It can be anything from 0000000 to 9999999. We recommend that you number sequentially, i.e. 0000001, 0000002, 0000003 and so on. It is important that you keep track of the sequence numbers you have used since this is not something we register.

K – is a check digit that you calculate on our website. You cannot choose the check digit, it must be calculated. You can also calculate the check digit when you are logged in to MyGS1. Note that you must calculate the new check digit for every new SSCC you create.

The SSCC is then printed on a data carrier such as GS1-128.

Illustration of a label with SSCC.

Worth knowing about SSCCs

SSCCs can be reused. Following a quarantine period of 18 months, a number can be reused to identify new packages.

Printers are available that automatically generate SSCCs so that you avoid doing this manually. Contact for example a barcode supplier for more information,

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