Order – become a GS1 customer

You become a customer of GS1 by subscribing to a GS1 Company Prefix. The Company Prefix gives you access to the entire GS1 System.

With a GS1 Company Prefix you can:

  • Identify trade items, locations, parties and packages with unique numbers, etc.
  • Transfer information rapidly and securely from objects to computers using barcodes and RFID/EPC tags.
  • Share information simply and efficiently with your trading partners and exchange such things as Trade Item Information and orders as well as tracking shipments in real time.

How to become a GS1 customer

You order a Company Prefix through our customer portal, MyGS1. Start by entering your Swedish company registration number and then follow the various steps.

Get started and become a GS1 customer


You pay an initial fee and an annual subscription fee. The amount of these fees is based on your company’s annual sales unless you are a government agency or a company manufacturing pharmaceuticals or implants in which cases special fees apply. Read more about our fees by clicking the link below.

Fees for GS1 Company Prefix