GS1 Sweden Concept Centre

A visit to our Concept Centre increases the possibilities to understand and discuss how the GS1 system creates business value for your company. An experienced GS1 employee always guides your visit, which we tailor to suit your company’s specific challenges.

GS1 Sweden Concept Centre inspires to added business value

GS1 Sweden Concept Centre opened for business at the beginning of 2012. The overall goal of our Concept Centre is to highlight the business value of the GS1 System and our Validoo services. We hope that a better knowledge of the GS1 System will mean that more companies and organisations understand how the GS1 System and Validoo can help them to perform more smartly and more efficiently.

The GS1 Sweden Concept Centre consists of a number of stations where you watch films or slideshows and interact using model environments and technical equipment. A visitor can take such roles as consumer or store staff, patient or health-care professional, or purchaser.

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Not just our customers and partners but also prospective customers, public sector representatives, politicians and journalists are welcome to our Concept Centre.

Since GS1 is a global not-for-profit organisation which is open to all, the same principle clearly applies to our Concept Centre.