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Are you going to sell products to consumers in retail stores and need to barcode your items? Do you want to give patients or pharmaceuticals unique identification? Do you want to communicate more efficiently with your transport providers? Then you should be a customer of GS1 Sweden.

It is difficult to define a typical GS1 user. We operate across many sectors and offer you a number of solutions with our unique number system and our standards.

As a new visitor to our website, you are perhaps interested in creating barcodes, need a GLN, or simply want to know how our solutions work in your own sector such as manufacturing, food service or healthcare.

If you are already a customer and have implemented our solutions, maybe you need an additional number series, want to start using GS1 Directory, or are wondering about Validoo. Or perhaps you need to find technical documentation or check out our FAQs.

Regardless of what you are looking for, we are here to guide you and give you support along the way.