GS1 identification standards are used to number such things as items, places, parties and shipments. Companies throughout the world use the standards to streamline their goods and information flows.

GS1 identification standards are well established

GS1 identification standards are used by companies in many areas such as grocery and other retail, transport and logistics, and health care. The standards are used by over one million companies worldwide. In Sweden, over 10,000 companies and organisations use the standards.

GS1 identification standards mean safety for your business

Together with users, GS1 has developed rules for how numbers are allocated and used. If you use GS1 identification standards, you can be sure that no one else is using the same number. This means, for example, that two items, two pallets or two companies can never be confused with each other.

GS1 identification standards are part of a whole

GS1 identification standards are used together with GS1 standards for information sharing and labelling of goods, places, parties and packages. This means that the goods and information flows can be linked in a holistic solution which also provides traceability, visibility and safety.