Trade Item Information - Technical documentation

Here you can find the guideline and specifications for Trade Item Information.

The Trade Item Information Guideline is intended for suppliers who send trade item information to recipients. Its purpose is to provide the information needed to supply correct trade item information. Some parts of the document are intended for system developers and recipients of trade item information.

Download the Trade Item Information Guideline

Customized guidelines for certain industries are also available. They are based on the Trade Item Information Guideline but feature industry-specific descriptions and examples.

Download the Trade Item Information for Lighting Products Guideline

The Business Document Specification (BDS) describes the contents of Trade Item Information. The document is mainly aimed at system developers. The BDS Summary describes the structure of the Business Document Specification in a simpler way.

Corrections are valid from the time at which they are published and should be considered together with the specifications.

The Change History describes any changes made in the latest published specifications compared to the previous version.

Validoo Item Operations Manual contains a manual, business document specifications, and example files. It describes how to interact with Validoo Item, and is meant to assist system developers in setting up communication with Validoo Item.

The XML Schemas and the example files are intended for system developers, and are used for technical implementation and format validation.

GDSN Validation rules describe the global rules used to validate trade item data in Validoo Item. Swedish Validation rules describe additional rules that so far only apply for the Swedish market.