ESAP 7 - eCom appendices (technical documentation)

Here you can find the technical specifications for ESAP 7. ESAP 7 is an umbrella term for appendices to GS1 Swedens business processes.

7.1.1 Extemporaneous preparation appendix

The extemporaneous preparation appendix  is used to order extemporaneous preparations. The extemporaneous preparation appendix can be used in the business process "Call off against frame contract". The document is then an appendix to the call off (ESAP 6.1.3).

The Business document specification (BDS) describes what information should be included in the electronic business documents sent between the business systems. The summary describes the structure in the business document in a clear way.

The specifications are write-protected, but the editable copies can be used for your own notes.

Message specifications (in Swedish) can be found at SFTI's website

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