T4246 Preservation technique code

Code Name Description Used in Sweden
ACIDIFICATION Acidification Dropping pH of food
ALCOHOL_CURING Alcohol Curing Treatment of food by adding alcohol in order to preserve the product
ALIVE Alive Living animal or plant, not dead X
ATTESTED_MILK Attested Milk Raw Milk (without heat treatment)
BOILING Boiling Cooking X
BRINING Brining Water saturating or strongly impregnating with salt
CANNING Canning Preserved in a sealed airtight container, usually made of tin-coated iron
COLD_SMOKE_CURING Cold Smoked To smoke the food at between 70 degrees to 90 degrees F. X
CONSERVE Conserve Keep from harm or damage
DEHYDRATION Dehydration To remove water from food
DRYING Drying Making with moisture having evaporated, drained away X
FERMENTATION Fermentation Any of a group of chemical reactions induced by living or nonliving ferments that split complex organic compounds into relatively simple substance
FREEZE_DRYING Freeze Drying Preserving food by freezing and then drying in a vacuum
FREEZING Freezing Turning into ice or another solid by cold X
FRESH Fresh Recently made or obtained food in its natural conditions and not altered by any preservation methods X
HIGH_TEMPERATURE_TREATED_MILK High Temperature Treated Milk Legally also pasteurisation, MHD for longer (about 2 to 3 weeks), ESL-milk
HOT_SMOKE_CURING Hot Smoked Hot-smoking partially or totally cooks the food by treating it at temperatures ranging from 100 degrees to 190 degrees F. X
IONISATION Ionisation To convert into an ion or ions
IRRADIATION Irradiation Food irradiation is the process of exposing food to ionising radiation in order to disinfect, sterilise, or preserve food.
PASTEURISATION Pasteurisation Partially sterilisation by heating
PRESERVED_WITHOUT_ARTIFICIAL_NITRATES Preserved Without Artificial Nitrates A food is treated with natural curing agents and without artificial nitrates, e.g. celery powder.
QUICK_FREEZING Quick Freezing Freezing (food) rapidly so as to preserve its qualities
SALT_CURING Salt Curing Preserving by using a salt brine X
SOUS_VIDE Sous Vide Low temperature long time cooking under vacuum
STERILISATION Sterilisation A process that effectively kills or eliminates transmissible agents (such as fungi, bacteria, viruses, spore forms, etc.).
SUGAR_CURING Sugar Curing Treatment of food by adding sugar in order to preserve the product
ULTRA_HIGH_TEMPERATURE Ultra High Temperature Ultra heat treated (especially for milk)
UNDER_MODIFIED_ATMOSPHERE Under Modified Atmosphere Packed with a gas with protective properties
VACUUM_PACKED Vacuum Packed Sealed after the partial removal of air