T4241 Catch area code

The code values in this code list are used in the "T4236 Item Activity Area" when "T4235 Product activity type code" is equal to CATCH_ZONE.

Code Name Description Used in Sweden
18 Arctic Sea Arctic Sea X
21 Atlantic, Northwest Atlantic, Northwest X
27 Atlantic, Northeast Atlantic, Northeast X
31 Atlantic, Western Central Atlantic, Western Central X
34 Atlantic, Eastern Central Atlantic, Eastern Central X
37 Mediterranean and Black Sea Mediterranean and Black Sea X
41 Atlantic, Southwest Atlantic, Southwest X
47 Atlantic, Southeast Atlantic, Southeast X
48 Atlantic, Antartic Atlantic, Antartic X
51 Indian Ocean, Western Indian Ocean, Western X
57 Indian Ocean, Eastern Indian Ocean, Eastern X
58 Southern Indian Ocean, Antarctic Southern Indian Ocean, Antarctic X
61 Pacific, Northwest Pacific, Northwest X
67 Pacific, Northeast Pacific, Northeast X
71 Pacific, Western Central Pacific, Western Central X
77 Pacific, Eastern Central Pacific, Eastern Central X
81 Pacific, Southwest Pacific, Southwest X
87 Pacific, Southeast Pacific, Southeast X
88 Pacific, Antarctic Pacific, Antarctic X