T4237 Packaging feature code

Code Name Description Used in Sweden
BASE Base to stand up vertically A general term applied to the support or pedestal of an object.
BEAM Beams Long sturdy piece of squared timber or metal used in house-building etc.
BUNG_SEAL Bungs or seals A bung is an apparatus used to seal a container, such as a bottle, barrel or tube” (or in this case). A bung is partially inserted inside the container to act as a seal. The most common every-day example of a bung is the stopper of a wine bottle.
BUTTERFLY_TAP Butterfly Tap Tap for Bag in box. Lifted for function. X
CAP Cap A cap that seals a bottle or other form of packaging. X
CAN_END_360 Can End 360 A seal on a e.g. aluminum can where the entire lid can be removed. X
CARRIER Carriers A device of various types attached to or hung from trolleys to support the load.
CHAMPAGNE_CORK_NATURAL Champagne Cork - natural Natural cork with waist and metal grid. Opened by hand. X
CHAMPAGNE_CORK_SYNTHETIC Champagne Cork - synthetic Synthetic cork with waist and metal grid. Opened by hand. X
CORK_STOPPER Cork Stopper Reclosable cork with top. Opened by hand. X
CONSUMPTION_UTENSIL Consumption Utensils (straws, spoons) An item which allows the user to extract and/or consume the content of a container.
CORE Core A tubular shape around which flexible material such as plastic film or paper are wound for purposes of transport and handling.
COUPLING_A A-coupler Coupling to brewery barrel, type A. X
COUPLING_D D-coupler Coupling to brewery barrel, type D. X
COUPLING_G G-coupler Coupling to brewery barrel, type G. X
COUPLING_M M-coupler Coupling to brewery barrel, type M. X
COUPLING_S S-coupler Coupling to brewery barrel, type S. X
COUPLING_S3 S3-coupler Coupling to brewery barrel, type S3. X
COUPLING_U U-coupler Coupling to brewery barrel, type U. X
CREEL Creel A creel is a device for holding the required number of roving spools or other supply packages of reinforcement fibers for Fiber Reinforced Plastics manufacturing. This device holds the rovings in the desired position for unwinding in continuous processes like Pultrusion and Filament Winding.
CROWN_CAP Crown Cap Closure of, e.g. glass bottles that need tools to open X
EDGE_PROTECTION Edge Protection A right-angle piece placed over the outermost perimeter edges of a container to distribute pressure and prevent collapse or cutting from banding, strapping, or handling.
GLASS_CORK Glass Cork Cork made of glass. Opened by hand. X
HANDLE Handles A grip attached to an object for using or moving the object, usually with the hands.
INNER_CONTAINER Inner containers Inner containers
INTERNAL_DIVIDER Internal Dividers An internal divider is an object, either flat or custom-shaped, used to separate the content of a container or to prevent the content from mixing.
LABEL Labels A label is a piece of paper, polymer, cloth, metal, or other material affixed to a container or article (or printed directly upon it), which usually carries information about the article to.which it has been attached.
LID Lid In packaging, the top or bottom of a container, usually the part that closes the opening; may also be known as cap, over, or top.
LINER Inner Coating or liners An internal chamber within a container which separates the content of the container from the walls. Inner liners provide additional isolation and protection to the content of a container. Sometimes coatings of certain materials may be applied as an alternative to inner liners.
LOE LOE - Large Opening End Large Opening End. The most common seal of aluminum can. X
LUG Lug A small indentation or raised portion on the surface of a bottle, provided as an indexing means for operations such as multi-pass decoration or labeling.
LSST Lightning Stopper Swing-top Lightning Stopper Swing-top. Reclosable cork stuck in the neck of the bottle. Opened by hand. X
NESTING_EDGE Nesting Edges Edges which allow items of the same size to be partially stacked within one another in any direction thus reducing the space required in order to stack them.
NATURAL_CORK Natural Cork Cork of natural materials. Need tools to open. X
PEG Pegs A fastener which allows a product to be hanged.
PULL_OFF_TAB Pull-off tab A flexible cover which can be easily removed in order to open a container.
PUSH_TAP Push Tap Tap for Bag in box. Press for function. X
RING_HOLDER Ring-Holders A hollow circular band of material wound around itself.
RIVET Rivets A permanent fastener which consists of a cylindrical shaft with a head on one end and tail which is deformed to fixate the rivet in place.
SLEEVE Sleeve A tubular form, open at both ends, that is slipped over an item or package.
SPOUT Spout A spout is a protruding edge which allows the lifting and pouring of liquids contained within a container.
SYNTHETIC_CORK Synthetic Cork Cork of natural materials. Need tools to open. X
SCREW_CAP Screw cap Reclosable screw cap usually on e.g. PET bottles, wine bottles. Unscrewed by hand. X
SCREW_TAP Screw Tap Tap for Bag in box. Screwed for function. X
SPOUT Spout A spout is a protruding edge which allows the lifting and pouring of liquids contained within a container.
TAG Tags A hanging card made of any material which is used to identify or provide additional information of a product.
TWIST_OFF_CAP Twist off cap Twist off crown cap that can be screwed off by hand. Can be used on e.g beer. X
WICKER_OUTER_CONTAINER Wicker Outer Container An outer container made of wicker which is fitted to the bottle usually a little less than half way up from the bottom of the bottle and is used to hold, hang or support the bottle.
WRAP Wrap A layer of any material which completely enclose a product. A wrap can have many purposes, from providing additional protection to an item to serving as a gift-wrap.