T4124 Packaging function code

Code Name Description Used in Sweden
ANTI_TAMPERING Anti-tampering A methodology used to hinder, or deter unauthorized access to a device. X
ANTISEPTIC Antiseptic The process by which a sterile (aseptic) product (typically food or pharmaceutical) is packaged in a sterile container in a way which maintains sterility. X
ATOMIZER Atomizer A device for reducing a liquid to a fine spray. (e.g., medicine, perfume, etc). An atomizer does not rely on a pressurised container for the propellant. X
COATED Coated Covered with a material (paraffin, wax) that protects the product or packaging. X
COMPRESSED Compressed Content has been pressed together to the maximum possible way. X
DISPENSER Dispenser A device or mechanism to supply or extract contents. X
GIFT_WRAPPED Gift-wrapped Packaging is wrapped in a decorative way for the purposes of the consumer giving it as a gift. X
ISOTHERMIC Isothermic Thermal carry container designed for the carriage of temperature controlled goods such as vaccines, pharmaceuticals, and medicines. X
MODIFIED_ATMOSPHERE Modified-atmosphere The practice of modifying the composition of the internal atmosphere of a package, (commonly food packages, and drugs) in order to improve the shelf life. X
OXYGEN_INFUSED Oxygen-infused A barrier packaging material for an infusion solution, i.e., oxygen. X
PEEL_OFF Peel-off A section of the packaging can be detached with ease in order to have access to the content or product, e.g. peel-off Lids used for packing Milk, Coffee and Cacao Powder. X
PINPACK Pin-pack The package is equipped to be hung up on a hook". X
PROTECTED Protected Functionality to keep from being damaged, attacked, stolen, or injured; guard. X
SIFT_PROOF Sift-proof Packaging is designed to prevent leaking of the content specially when it is on powdered or liquid state. X
RECLOSABLE Reclosable Packaging designed to allow item to be reclosed after being opened.
REINFORCED Reinforced A component is added to a container for a particular application to lend additional support under severe applications. X
TAMPER_EVIDENT Tamper-evident The packaging is designed to show when there has been some interference with the original sealing or configuration of the packaging. X
VACUUM_PACKED Vacuum packed Packaging in containers, either rigid or flexible, from which substantially all gases have been removed prior to final sealing of the container. X
WATER_RESISTANT Water-resistant Coated with materials that make the packaging impervious to the effects of water. X