T2231 Referenced file type code

Code Name Description Used in Sweden
360_DEGREE_IMAGE 360 Degree Image Allows x-axis interactive rotation of product via website.
ASSEMBLY_INSTRUCTIONS Assembly Instructions Link to a file that explains how to assemble (put together) the trade item.
AUDIO Audio Link to a file containing an audio clip which is relevant to the product. Examples are commercials, or instructional/ how to use audio files.
CERTIFICATION Certification Document which contains a special certification by a third party (e.g. International Food Standard [IFS], QS-Approval Mark for meat product, sausage, fruit, vegetables and potatoes or bio audits).
CHEMICAL_ASSESSMENT_SUMMARY Chemical Assessment Summary Link to a file containing the chemical ingredient information sent to the supplier from a third party as a result of the assessment.
CHEMICAL_SAFETY_REPORT Chemical Safety Report Link to the file containing a report detailing the risks arising from the manufacture and/or use of a substance and to ensure that they are adequately controlled.
CHILD_NUTRITION_LABEL Child Nutrition Label Link to a file containing the Child Nutrition Label as formatted according to regulations and rules of an appropriate regulatory body for the target market.
CONSUMER_HANDLING_AND_STORAGE Consumer Handling and Storage Link to a website, file, or image containing the Manufacturer's recommendations for how the consumer or end user should store and handle the product.
CROSSSECTION_VIEW Crosssection View A picture of a trade item with a cut away vertical plane removed (e.g. Cross-section of a Tire revealing steel belts and tire tread detail).
DIET_CERTIFICATE Diet certificate Link to a website or file containing a diet certificate granted to the product
DISPOSAL_INSTRUCTIONS Instructions for disposal Link to a website, file or instructional movie on how to dispose of a product properly, or how to clean up a broken product if it contains materials like mercury.
DOCUMENT Document Link to a document or text file containing product information. Examples of this type could be an instruction manual, assembly guide, or warranty document.
DOP_SHEET Dop Sheet Link to a file containing the product's Declaration of Performance Sheet (DOP). This file can be either an image or a document.
DRUG_FACT_LABEL Drug Fact Label The file link is to a drug fact panel of the trade item. A drug fact label usually contains such items as active ingredients, uses, warnings, purpose, directions, etc.
ENERGY_LABEL Energy Label Link to the energy label for a trade item. On 19 May 2010, the EU adopted the Directive 2010/30/EU on energy labels. Energy labels help consumers choosing products which save energy and thus money. They also provide incentives for the industry to develop and invest in energy efficient product design. They are found on a selection of white goods and other products and are designed to help customers see how energy efficient a model is before they buy.
GROUP_CHARACTERISTIC_SHEET Group characteristic sheet
HAZARDOUS_SUBSTANCES_DATA Hazardous Substances Data Link to a file where to locate the ‘out of network data’ additional data concerning the control of substances can be found.
IFU Instructions for use Link to a file containing the Instructions For Use (IFU). This type of file is primarily used in conjunction with ingestible products, regardless of species.
INGREDIENTS_LABEL Ingredients label The Ingredients label image is a list of ingredients printed on the packaging. It may be separated by language in multiple areas on the product.
INTERNAL_VIEW Internal View The picture of the inside of a trade item mainly used for non food products (e.g., The inside of a refrigerator or the inside of a suitcase.
LOGO Logotype Link to a file containing the Manufacturer or Brand Logo(s) associated with the product.
MARKETING_INFORMATION Marketing information Link to a file with product information associated with selling a product or service.
MATERIAL_SAMPLES Material Samples URL to website, images that the potential material, swatches, finishes the trade item might be available in.
MOBILE_DEVICE_IMAGE Mobile Device Image Trade Item image that represents the image the manufacturer supplies to the consumer for mobile device applications. This would be a pack shot or image of the trade item that may be optimised for digital mobile display or added elements to help consumer recoginise the product. This should not be used as the Mobile Ready Hero Image. Some regulations require an actual image of the product and do not allow Mobile Ready Hero Images.
MOBILE_READY_HERO_IMAGE Mobile Ready Hero Image A Mobile Ready Hero Image (MRHI) is a representation of a real world product that may differ from a standard pack shot, but that maintains the majority of the physical pack’s key elements of design, shape and colour, and is therefore recognisable on a digital shelf. In addition the image should contain elements of The 4 Ws: Who is the brand, What it is, Which variety it is and how much. The Mobile Ready Hero Image (MRHI) is specified in the GS1 Mobile Ready Hero Image Guideline https://www.gs1.org/standards/Mobile-Ready-Hero-Image
MONTAGE_LABEL Montage Label A Montage is the physical overlayering of distinct images to create a final digital image. This process allows for a composite to be created with the future possibility of reconstruction without having to return to studio for correction, should an element be added or removed.
NUTRITION_FACT_LABEL Nutrition Fact Label Link to a file containing a visual representation of the product label containing the nutritional information.
ORGANIC_CERTIFICATE Organic Certificate Link to a website or file containing an organic certificate granted to the product.
OTHER_EXTERNAL_INFORMATION Other external information Link to a file containing product information of an unspecified type. X
OUT_OF_PACKAGE_IMAGE Out of package image Link to an image of an item out of its packaging and, if necessary, assembled ready for use by the end user. This type of file is subject the current version of the GDSN Product Image Specification Standard.
PACKAGING_ARTWORK Packaging Artwork Design files for packaging artwork for example Adobe source files.
PLANOGRAM Planogram Link to a file illustrating how and where retail products should be displayed.
PRODUCT_FORMULATION_STATEMENT Product Formulation Statement Link to a file containing the Product Formulation Statement, in lieu of a Child Nutrition Label, as formatted according to regulations and rules of an appropriate regulatory body for the target market.
PRODUCT_IMAGE Product image Link to a file containing a visual representation of the product. X
PRODUCT_LABEL_IMAGE Product label image Link to a file containing a visual representation of the product label.
PRODUCT_WEBSITE Product website Link to a website containing product specific information. Examples of this could be a link to a website dedicated to the product or a link to the area within the manufacturer or brand owner website that contains the product information
QR_CODE Link to a QR code Link to a QR code URL/URI.
QUALITY_CONTROL_PLAN Quality Control Plan Document which detailed information about the quantity of laboratory/analytical tests and the evaluated parameters.
RECIPE_WEBSITE Recipe Website Link to a website containing recipes associated with the product
REGULATORY_INSPECTION_AUDIT Regulatory Inspection Audit Inspection report of the inspections. For example foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals and other types of products that are regulated.
RISK_ANALYSIS_DOCUMENT Risk Analysis Document Document which describes how the supplier assured the quality control of the end products or during the production process. The process can be a supplier internal control system, a simple kind of risk analysis or systematic preventive approach according Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP).
SAFETY_DATA_SHEET Safety datasheet Link to a file containing the product's Safety Data Sheet (SDS). This file can be either an image or a document
SAFETY_SUMMARY_SHEET Safety Summary Sheet A link to a summary sheet document that is available to workers to understand how to deal with chemicals in an emergency situation.
SAMPLE_SHIPPING_ORDER Sample Shipping Order Document is a sample shipping order. A sample shipping order isn´t needed for every item (GTIN), but a shipping order can differ from GTIN to GTIN. E.g. in case an item is an organic product the sample shipping order needs to contain the organic product origin number according article 31 of the implementing regulations EG Nr. 889/2008. For non-organic items this information isn´t needed.
SUMMARY_OF_PRODUCT_CHARACTERISTICS Summary of Product Characteristics Specific document required before any medicinal product or biocidal product is authorized for marketing. Example European Commission
TESTING_METHODOLOGY_RESULTS Testing Methodology Results Document which contains microbiological and physico-chemical findings of the product which are observed during product testing.
TRADE_ITEM_DESCRIPTION Trade item description Identifies the reference to an external description of a Trade Item. The link (e.g. URL) to the external description. will be in the appropriate attribute
TRADE_ITEM_IMAGE_WITH_DIMENSIONS Trade Item Image With Dimensions Link to a website, file, or image containing the product's image with its dimensions. This especially important for built-in products as ovens and fridges. Ex : http://www.docstoc.com/docs/125126778/GSS-GEW-Food-Savers-Food-Storage-Containers.
VIDEO Video Link to a file containing a video clip which is relevant to the product. Examples are commercials, trailers, or instructional/ how to use video files.
WARRANTY_INFORMATION Warranty information Link to a file with information associated with any guarantee given by a company stating that a product is reliable and free from known defects and that the seller will, without charge, repair or replace defective parts within a given time limit and under certain conditions.
WEBSITE Website Link to a website containing product or manufacturer information.
ZOOM_VIEW Zoom View A picture of a portion of a trade item (e.g., the wheels of a suitcase or the ingredients list of a food trade item).