Variable weight number

Consumer units with variable weight are often sold by the kilogram. Numbering these with a variable weight number allows each package to be priced individually. The price can be calculated from the item’s price per kilogram and the package weight.

How to create a variable weight number

The variable weight number is a 13 digit article number which you construct from a GS1 Variable Weight Prefix, a sequence number, the price in kronor or the weight in kilograms, and a check digit:

  • The GS1 Variable Weight Prefix consists of five or six digits depending on how many items your company has in its range. The variable weight prefix always starts with 2X and you set X to 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 depending on whether you are going to mark the weight or the price (see below).
  • After the variable weight prefix there is a sequence number of two or three digits. This allows up to 100 or up to 1000 items to be numbered. Using a six digit variable weight prefix means that the serial number of the first item is "... 01", the second "... 02", and so on.
  • After the sequence number comes the price in kronor or the weight in kilograms.

The final check digit can be calculated with a function on our website.

A GS1 Variable Weight Prefix always begins with 2X where X is:

  • 0 = price in kronor with two decimals (e.g. SEK 12,34)
  • 1 = price in kronor with one decimal (e.g. SEK 123,4)
  • 2 = price in kronor (e.g. SEK 1234)
  • 3 = weight in kilograms with three decimals (e.g. 1,234 kg)
  • 4 = weight in kilograms with two decimals (e.g. 12,34 kg)
  • 5 = weight in kilograms with one decimal (e.g. 123,4 kg)

Variable weight numbers abroad

A variable weight number is national, which means that a Swedish variable weight number can only be used in Sweden. If you sell items with variable weight in another country you must contact the GS1 office in the country of sale. They can provide you with a variable weight number which is valid in their country.

Consumer units with variable weight must be numbered with a variable weight number and marked with an EAN-13 barcode.