Logistics Labels

The GS1 Logistics Label is a standardised label for labelling logistic units such as pallets. Using the label, a logistic unit can be traced through the entire supply chain from manufacture to end customer.

A GS1 Logistics Label can be one, or a combination, of the following:

  • Pallet label
  • Transport label
  • Store or custom package label

Common to all three types of label is the mandatory requirement to provide the logistic unit’s SSCC (Serial Shipping Container Code). If a logistic unit is labelled with a combination of several labels, then either all the labels must contain the same SSCC or only one of the labels may contain the SSCC.

GS1’s global standard for logistics labels

GS1 Logistics Label Guideline (.pdf)

European guide and web tool for pallet labels

Guide for GS1 Logistics Label

Logistics Label web tool

Swedish guide for transport labels

The Swedish International Freight Association’s guide for STE, English (.pdf)