GS1 data capture standards enable information to be quickly and reliably transferred from objects to computers. Barcodes and RFID/EPC tags are used worldwide to mark such diverse objects as cornflakes packages, garments, hospital beds and railway wagons.

The EAN code is the most used barcode in the world

The EAN code was developed 40 years ago to simplify checkout processes. Today it is the most widely used barcode in grocery and other retail outlets in the world. In its day the EAN code was groundbreaking and GS1 has remained at the leading edge of technology. Today we also have standards for RFID and two-dimensional symbologies such as GS1 DataMatrix.

It is the needs of users that guide development of new solutions. Today our barcodes and RFID/EPC tags are used to make transports more efficient, increase safety when handling pharmaceuticals, provide traceabilty for wood products and much more.

Since the GS1 system is well-established, there are many suppliers of barcode equipment who base their products on GS1 standards. You do not therefore need to spend money on developing your own system. Also, when you use an established standard it is easy to change supplier of barcode equipment.

Everyone can read GS1’s barcodes and RFID/EPC tags

We quality assure the standards for barcodes and RFID tags by carrying out thorough tests together with users. This makes for robust and readable barcodes and RFID tags. Further, all GS1 barcode standards are based on ISO standards.

GS1 barcode and RFID/EPC standards are freely available to everyone. This means that you do not need to pay any licence fee in order to build solutions that use the standards, for example barcode equipment, cash registers, logistics systems and transport systems. It also means that all systems can encode, read and interpret information in the same way.

GS1’s barcodes and RFID/EPC tags are part of a whole

GS1’s barcodes and RFID/EPC tags are used together with GS1  identification standards and other bar-coded information. This means that the goods and information flows can be linked in a holistic solution which also provides traceability and safety.