Our standards

GS1 standards are used to identify items, places and parties, as well as for capturing and sharing information automatically.

They are divided into three groups: IdentifyCapture and Share.


GS1 identification standards are used to number such things as items, places, parties and shipments. Companies throughout the world use the standards to streamline their goods and information flows.



GS1 data capture standards enable information to be quickly and reliably transferred from objects to computers. Bar codes and RFID/EPC tags are used worldwide to mark such diverse objects as cornflakes packages, garments, hospital beds and railway wagons.



Using GS1 standards for information sharing, business partners can simply and efficiently exchange such things as item information and orders as well as track deliveries in real-time. GS1 standards for information sharing include: GDSN, GS1 Electronic Data Interchange and EPCIS.