ProductSearch is an open and free web service used to find quality-controlled and up-to-date information on all products and images available in GS1 Sweden's database, and launched for the Swedish market.

Illustration ProductSearch

Anyone can use the service and access current and detailed article information about a trade item. It is also possible to compare up to four different products with each other.  The search for product information can be performed in a number of ways, through the unique identity of the product, GTIN, that is linked to the product's barcode number, but also through item name, brand or supplier.

The items in ProductSearch are collected from several different product classes. In addition to food and beverage, there are products from the categories, beauty & health, healthcare, home appliances, clothing, computer technology and sports equipment and many more.  
This means that ProductSearch offers a complete solution to search for trade items.

Who uses ProductSearch?

Those who use ProductSearch are either suppliers and e-retailers who want to share information about their products, or businesses in the public sector that needs to find and compare information at a detailed level in connection with purchasing and procurement. The public are frequent users that view and compare different items with ProductSearch.  ProductSearch is a complement to our Number information service

The benefit of ProductSearch

The ProductSearch web service facilitates both planning of purchases and sales of goods. Since all trade item information is shared in the same channel, it is easier for suppliers to reach existing and new markets, and for buyers and consumers to find the right information and products.

With ProductSearch you have free access to current products launched for Swedish trade and market. The products are always automatically quality checked and often also manually checked and quality assured. Because the service is synchronized several times a day, you have constant access to up-to-date and updated article data with high data quality. This benefits everyone in the value chain, from supplier to consumer, no matter your goal is to convey or find information.

How to use ProductSearch

Perform a search 

You can search for product information in ProductSearch in several ways, where typing a keyword is perhaps the simplest and most common. In the search box you have the opportunity to search by article name, brand and supplier, either individually or together.

If you are looking for information on a specific trade item, you can also search for the product's unique identity, GTIN, which is linked to the product's barcode. By using the product's own GTIN you ensure that you get the right information about the right product.

Filter the search result

If you get a lot of hits when you perform a search, you can limit the search results by using filters and, for example, enter a brand, ingredient or mark that you are interested in. Maybe you are looking for items that are gluten-free, fair-trade or have some other specific quality that suits your needs.  You can filter your search up on several different marks and accreditations such as country of origin and provenance, information provider, regulatory act, and latest update date. Of course, you only get results where the supplier has entered the requested information.  

Compare multiple products 

Once you have found the product you are looking for; you can select it and add up to 3 other products to compare them side by side. This allows you to see detailed information about the trade items you are interested in, compare them, and find the product that suits your needs.