Directory provides you and your business partners with simple and easy access to accurate and updated information on each other. Directory is a web-based tool where you can publish and change information about your locations which are identified with Global Location Numbers, GLN. All information published in Directory is searchable in GS1 Sweden’s Number Information Service.

Image of how Directory works

Efficient and simple handling of contact details

By publishing and updating your contact details in Directory you avoid spending time and money supplying all your business partners individually with current information. Now all you need to do is make updates in just one place. You and your business partners can fetch all current information in our Number Information Service such as delivery address, invoicing address or e-mail addresses to different departments within the company.

You yourself are responsible for entering and updating information. This is cost-effective, time-saving and promotes information quality.

Directory improves our efficiency since we and our business partners can use the same standard when we share contact information. ” — Kristina Bennhage, System Administrator, Västra Götalandsregionen

Get started with Directory

In order for your company to start publishing or updating information on parties and locations, your company must subscribe to a GS1 Company Prefix from GS1 Sweden (in order to create GLNs) and sign an agreement for Directory.

You can order a subscription for a GS1 Company Prefix here.

If you already have a GS1 Company Prefix you can log in here and sign an agreement for Directory

With a Directory agreement, you can make unlimited searches in our Number Information Service. You also have the possibility to integrate your business system for automatic updates and searches in the Number Information Service. For more information, please contact our customer service.

Get help publishing GLNs

If your company has a lot of GLNs that you want to publish in Directory, we can help you for a fixed fee. In order to do this we need the information in a structured format such as an Excel file. Contact customer service for more information.