Description of service

This service description describes the regulations and standards that BarcodeCheck is based on, what is required of customers of the service, and how the service is used.

Prerequisites for using BarcodeCheck

  • Barcodes or logistic labels must be sent along with completed order forms to BarcodeCheck.
  • Your company must pay the fees for BarcodeCheck in accordance with applicable agreements.

How BarcodeCheck works

  • BarcodeCheck checks that a submitted barcode or pallet label follows GS1 standards concerning the content, quality and readability of barcodes.
  • This check is completed within five days from BarcodeCheck’s reception of the order form and the barcodes or the logistic label.
  • BarcodeCheck stores barcodes and logistic labels for four months after completed check.

What awaits you as a BarcodeCheck customer

  • BarcodeCheck sends a report after completed check to the e-mail address you specified when placing your order. The report indicates whether or not the barcode or logistic label complies with GS1 standards. If the barcode or logistic label does not comply with GS1 standards, the report will indicate what is wrong, likely causes of the error and recommendations for rectifying the error.
  • You have access to support Monday through Friday during office hours.