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GS1 BarcodeCheck helps you check all types of barcodes at any time during the product’s lifecycle – from barcodes for consumer packaging to barcodes for transport labelling.

Check your barcodes with GS1 BarcodeCheck

How to check your barcodes with GS1 BarcodeCheck:

  1. Fill in your company’s contact details and information on the barcodes you would like checked in the order form in MyGS1.
  2. Send the barcodes in a letter to GS1 BarcodeCheck.
  3. Within five days of receipt of your barcodes, we will send a report to you with the results of the checks, descriptions of any errors and suggestions on measures you can take to rectify the error(s).


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Delivery address:
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Checking barcodes in PDF format

We can check barcodes in other formats, such as PDF, but this is not something we recommend. A check of a barcode in PDF format can never be entirely accurate and thorough because the quality of a barcode is affected by printing methods, label material, etc. What we can help with when we check a barcode in PDF format is verifying barcode type, colour combinations and data encoding.

If you still want to check a barcode in PDF format, please fill in the order form, but you do not need to print out the order. Instead, send the barcode to GS1barcodecheck@gs1.se. Don’t forget to include the company name, VAT number and e-mail address in the e-mail so that we know who sent the barcode and what order it belongs with.

Barcode checks in GS1 BarcodeCheck

We scan the barcode to see if it complies with GS1 standards and check, among other things, that:

  • The barcode is a GS1 barcode: EAN-13, EAN-8, ITF-14, GS1-128, GS1 DataBar or GS1 DataMatrix.
  • There is the correct number of digits in the barcode’s GS1 number.
  • The check digit in the barcode’s GS1 number is calculated correctly.
  • The barcode is the right size and the bars are the right width.
  • There is sufficient contrast between dark bars and light backgrounds in the barcode.
  • The barcode is readable and does not contain any defects.

For logistic labels, we also check that the label follows the GS1 logistic labelling standard.

The GS1 Bar Code Verification for Linear Symbols guide describes how GS1 BarcodeCheck checks the barcodes.

Verification report from GS1 BarcodeCheck

The report from GS1 BarcodeCheck indicates if the barcode has been approved or not. It also includes a description of any errors and suggestions on measures to rectify these. The GS1 standard is a recommendation, but if the barcode does not comply with this standard, there is a risk that the barcode will not be able to be scanned.