Fees for GS1 Company Prefix 2019

Companies pay an annual fee for a subscription to a GS1 Company Prefix. The fee is based on the company’s annual sales. Special fees apply for government agencies.

For the first year, a company pays an annual subscription fee which is proportional to the number of months remaining in that year.

Become a GS1 customer

If a company already subscribes to a GS1 Company Prefix and orders a further one, a 50% discount is applied to the annual subscription fee. Note that this does not apply to single numbers.

Fees for private companys and organizations

Company sales
(SEK millions)
Annual subscription fee
0-3  1 490
3-10 3 810
10-25 5 750
25-100 7 800
100-500 12 900
500-1000 16 800
1000-5000 20 200
5000-10000 24 600
Mer än 10000 29 100

Fees for single numbers*

  Annual subscription fee
Company sales less than 1 mn SEK 700
Company sales 1 - 100 mn SEK 1 490
Company sales 100 - 1000 mn SEK 1 630
Company sales more than 1000 mn SEK 1 845

*  Note that a single number only can be used to mark one item with a barcode, identify one unit/person/company and/or create SSCC.

Fees for municipalities and county councils

  Annual subscription fee
Municipalities and county councils 16 800

Fees for transferring

When transferring a prefix or service the recipient gets charged an administration fee of 400 SEK/ prefix or service.

Fees for government agencies

There are special fees for government agencies.

Fees for government agencies

This is included in the subscription fee

Ordering a GS1 Company Prefix for your company gives you access to the entire GS1 System. Its three components are:

  • Identification
  • Data carriers (barcodes and RFID tags)
  • Business processes for eCommerce.

A subscription to a GS1 Company Prefix also includes:

  • GS1 Sweden newsletter
  • Support (telephone and e-mail)
  • The option to visit GS1 Sweden Concept Centre
  • The option to participate in national and international user groups
  • Publication of contact information in GS1 Number Information Service
  • Registration in ONS (Object Naming Service)

A subscription does not include:

  • Courses and seminars
  • Our Validoo services
  • Consulting services/site visits to individual companies.