Terms and conditions, forms

A company pays an initial fee and an annual fee for a subscription to a GS1 Company Prefix. The amount of these fees is based on the company’s annual sales. The fees are based on company’s annual sales, and the annual fee may therefore increase or decrease compared to the fee for last year.

Contact GS1 Sweden on:

Telephone: 08-50 10 10 20
E-mail: billing@gs1.se


Ordering a subscription of a GS1 Company Prefix gives you access to the entire GS1 System.

Order GS1 Company Prefix


Go to MyGS1 for terms and conditions, invoices and contact persons for your company.


Note that, if you want to cancel your subscription you must fill in a cancellation form and send it to GS1 Sweden.

Transfer of prefixes or service

When transferring a prefix or service the recipient gets charged an administration fee of 400 SEK/ prefix or service.

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