Business benefits Warehouse Management

Electronic commerce becomes easier with Warehouse Management

By using a common business process, you do not need to develop different solutions for different business partners. This makes it quicker to integrate systems with new business partners and reduces development costs.

For you as a third party, ESAP 25 has a further advantage in that you only need to exchange information with your customers, not your customers' customers.

  •     Inward and outward deliveries are more efficient
  •     Stock levels updated in real time
  •     Reduces warehousing costs
  •     Better consolidation of goods for delivery
  •     Saves time
  •     Reduces human error

You have full control over your external inventory with Warehouse Management

Third party logistics means that a company uses external suppliers for warehousing and distribution, so-called third parties or warehousing. When there are several parties in a flow and a variety of goods are going to different parts of the world, it is essential that information is accurate so that misunderstandings are eliminated. Same thing applies for joint distribution where the customer wants to receive all their deliveries through one warehouse unit.

By using Warehouse Management, the warehouse and the buyer of the warehousing services have identical information about the items and inventory. In addition, the buyer of the services can inform the warehouse when goods are expected to arrive and when they should be delivered to the customer. With Warehouse Management, you get the same control as if you would have had the items in your own store.