Business benefits

Environmental impact of transport decreases with Transport Management

The Transport Management allows a carrier to plan transports by providing advance information on when, how much and what customers want to transport and where the goods will be. This means that transports can be coordinated and vehicles loaded as fully as possible, allowing each trip to be optimised and empty runs avoided.

You get better control and traceability with Transport Management

As a customer, you get better control of goods in transit using Transport Management. By sending a status report, the carrier can notify you about your shipment, such as where it is or if it has been delivered.

In Transport Management, the carrier uses transport labels to identify the goods. Transport labels carry an SSCC (Serial Shipping Container Code) that make it possible to trace the goods.

You save money with Transport Management

Transport Management streamlines and speeds up all administration and document handling needed in addition to the transport itself. It saves time in loading, unloading and reloading, and provides more efficient order entry and invoicing.

The model for Transport Management, Logistics Interoperability Model (LIM), was developed in an international project with carriers and their customers. From Sweden, ICA, DSV, DHL, Posten Logistik, Schenker, Stena Line and Bring Frigo participated in the work.