Business benefits

ESAP 9.1 gives you confidence in your business

When using ESAP 9.1, the parties will always have the same and timely information on such things as metering points, electrical installations, contract prices and trade item data in their systems. This simplifies invoicing for the supplier and allows the buyer to book and verify invoices automatically.

Any errors in an invoice are detected immediately by automatic verification. This means that the buyer pays only for consumption at the contracted installations and at the right price. The buyer can also be sure that he doesn’t accidentally pay another company’s invoice. The supplier gets paid correctly and on time.

Electronic commerce is easier with ESAP 9.1

A business process that is flexible is also unclear and can be implemented in different ways. Since ESAP 9.1 is clearly described, all parties implement the business process in the same way. This allows the invoice recipient and the invoice issuer to use the same solution for all their different business partners.

ESAP 9.1 is developed and maintained together with users

For a business process to provide benefits for all parties, it is essential that both buyers and sellers are involved in its development. A business process also needs to continue to evolve in response to new business requirements. Without proper maintenance, temporary solutions are often developed, which always gives unwanted costs.

When GS1 Sweden develops ESAP 9.1 along with companies that use the business process, we act as a neutral party to ensure that the results provide business benefits for all parties. GS1 Sweden has a stable organization with long-term funding that takes care of the maintenance of ESAP 9.1 which means that the business process can be developed if necessary.