Business benefits

No more paper invoices with ESAP 23

A wholesaler negotiates with a number of suppliers the products his end customers want included in the contract. The discussions include amount of offer support or contract support, i.e. the amount per sold and delivered item that the supplier can give to the wholesaler.

For each sale to the end customer, the wholesaler invoices the supplier for contract support. The process therefore creates a very large number of invoices. Using paper invoices, this involves time-consuming and costly administration for both the wholesaler and supplier. If the parties instead use ESAP 23, invoices are sent electronically and both parties can save time and money with more efficient management.

ESAP 23 provides full control over deliveries

Previously, the supplier did not receive information about the end customer who has received the delivery. ESAP 23 contains an invoice specification where the wholesaler can provide all the details about the delivery. This makes it easier for the supplier to produce statistics and know to which end users that the products have been delivered.

The system means that suppliers have better control over the whole affair.” — Roger Notting, Findus