Business benefits

ESAP 22 makes it possible to plan production

Providing forecasts of how much of a product that the wholesaler will buy from the supplier makes it easier for both the wholesaler and supplier to plan their operations. With ESAP 22 the wholesaler can provide reliable forecasts so that the supplier can produce the right goods in the right quantity at the right time. Reliable forecasts minimize the risk of "Out of stock".

You get a safer promotion tracking with ESAP 22

ESAP 22 gathers both forecast and actual results in a structured way in your system. With all history in one place it is possible to monitor the campaign and evaluate forecasts to make these even better in the future. The better the forecast, the easier it will be to optimize inventory levels and reduce the risks of running out of stock at the stores.

With all the information in the system, you can also compare the expected purchase quantity with the quantity supplied. Buyers and suppliers can thus use the level of service as a tool to get the right availability of goods on store shelves.

ESAP 22 makes promotions visible throughout the chain

ESAP 22 improves collaboration within the company since all departments communicate with each other so that everyone has the same information about the forecasts. ESAP 22 also makes it easier for the supplier and wholesaler to exchange information and jointly plan promotions.