Summary of changes in ESAP 20.1 Retail supply chain business process, Version 1.7 compared to Version 1.6

The ESAP 20.1 Retail supply chain business process description has been improved in several respects.

Updates have been made to enhance readability and refine terminology, with the aim of minimizing misunderstanding.

Terminology in the Business Document Specification (BDS) has been made more consistent with terminology in the process description.

Significant rewrites and clarifying additions have been made to ensure consistent implementation of the “Deliver ordered trade items” step.

Functionality has been added to enable optimization of transport space, for environmental and other reasons.

The information structure has been simplified at the notification of logistic unit, including information about e.g. type of used logistic unit and potential returnable item reimbursement, linked to the reimbursement amount (see BDS Despatch advice)

Several validation points have been added to the “Issue invoice” and “Issue credit note” process steps to enable consistent implementation for users.

Several example descriptions of crediting have been added to enable consistent implementation of credit notes.

Content changes to the business process documents are described in separate change history documents for each Business Document Specification (BDS). These documents also contain descriptions of any changes made to the EANCOM mapping.