ESAP - Business processes using electronic data interchange

ESAP business processes are used to streamline business between companies. Both buyers and sellers save time and money when the business process, from contract to invoice, is carried out electronically and according to agreed rules.

ESAP business processes are designed to work together with other GS1 standards for the identification and labelling of goods, locations, parties and packages. This means that the information and product flows can be connected together to form a whole that provides traceability, visibility and safety in your business.

ESAP business processes are well-established

ESAP business processes are used by many companies in many different areas, such as grocery and retail, transport and logistics, and healthcare. The business processes are also used by local and regional government. There is a large probability that your prospective business partners use the processes. Many of the major systems vendors have implemented ESAP business processes, making it quick and easy to integrate new business partners.

ESAP business processes provide business benefits for all parties

We develop business processes together with users. The work is done in national and international working groups involving companies from many different sectors. It is the users that drive development and ensure that the processes provide business benefits for all parties.

GS1's mission is to be a neutral party so that everyone has the same amount of influence. For us it is important that a working group consists of a balanced number of participants from both the buyer and seller sides.

Our Swedish business processes, ESAP, are developed and managed in partnership with Swedish users. The business processes are applications of GS1’s international regulations, which are mainly based on UN/CEFACT standards for electronic commerce. In this way, we take advantage of the best developments in the world, making it easier for Swedish companies to trade electronically with companies in other countries.

Swedish users are also active in international working groups to ensure that Swedish requirements are included in the international business processes.

ESAP business processes are quality assured and open to all

ESAP business processes are clearly and completely described in the specifications and guidelines. The documentation is open for use by all.

The specifications state what information should be included in the electronic business documents exchanged between business systems. The guidelines describe how these business documents are used in the business process. This will give you the support you need both to implement and use the business process.

We assure the quality of our business processes because we follow a set of rules that describe how business processes are developed and managed. This means that the documentation is consistent and coherent and that similar business requirements are described in the same manner in all business processes.