Trade Item Information

GS1 Trade Item Information is a solution for electronically exchanging information on items, such as their dimensions, weight, article number and shelf life.

Guideline and technical specifications for Trade Item Information

GS1 Trade Item Information leads to high data quality

Trade item information is important for both the buyer and supplier. The buyer needs to have information about the article to ensure that ordering and delivery are carried out correctly. The supplier must make sure that the item will fit on the shelf and be displayed in the best manner.

By following the rules of GS1 Trade Item Information, data will be consistent with the actual item and both parties will always have the same information. The result is high data quality.

Item data may come from different departments at the supplier, such as warehouse, sales, or marketing. GS1 Trade Item Information is a tool that allows you to send all information at the same time and in the same format, even if the information comes from different departments.

You can exchange item information with companies worldwide

Since GS1 Trade Item Information is used by companies worldwide, you can exchange data with both your Swedish and international business partners. In Sweden we use a local application of GS1 Trade Item Information that is tailored to the Swedish market's needs.

Getting started with GS1 Trade Item Information is easy

GS1 Trade Item Information was developed by the grocery sector over 10 years ago and is now used by all the major buyers in the industry and most of their suppliers. Since the business process applies to items that are bought and sold, it also works in many other industries. In the retail sector, pharmacies, building material stores and hardware stores have all expressed interest.

Since GS1 Trade Item Information is so widely used, there are several ready-made systems and services for handling item information on the Swedish market. These systems and services are suitable for both large and small companies, and both buyers and suppliers.