Barcode labelling

GS1 barcodes enable fast and secure transfer of information from objects to computers. They are used globally to mark packages, for example. The barcode must be readable and of high quality.

Marking consumer packages

Items handled at a store's checkout are barcoded so that the item number can be read quickly and easily. Using the item number, the name of the item and its price are fetched from the store's article database and printed on the receipt. The item number is also used to collect reliable sales statistics for purchasing decisions, profitability monitoring, and shelf space planning.

Marking outer packages

An outer package is a package containing a number of consumer packages. The outer package is often the item level that can be ordered from a supplier or wholesaler. When the outer package has an item number, both buyer and seller can refer to it to ensure that the correct item has been ordered.

Marking pallets

The GS1 Logistics Label is a standard label used to mark logistic units such as pallets. Using this label a logistic unit can be tracked through the entire supply chain, from manufacturing to end customer.

Barcode quality

Barcodes simplify the flow of goods and information from manufacturer to carrier, in the warehouse, in the hospital and in the store. Things can be done faster and the chance of a number being wrong is reduced when it is read with a scanner rather than being input manually. That the barcode is readable is a prerequisite for these flows to work.