New subscription fees for GS1 Company Prefix


GS1 Sweden is reviewing its charges for subscriptions to a GS1 company prefix, also called a number series, from 1 January 2013. The annual subscription fee is payable in advance and invoices for 2013 will be sent to customers during the end of November 2012.

New development requires more resources and increased charges

Our customers are asking us to develop new solutions such as traceability, recalls and the exchange of information through web shops. This means that we must allocate more resources to development and that we therefore need to increase the charges for a subscription to a GS1 company prefix, also called a number series. All charges for a GS1 company prefix were last reviewed four years ago.

Increased demands and requirements for new solutions

Within the EU work is continually in progress, amongst other things, to develop regulations to ensure traceability and for the provision of consumer information for groceries, pharmaceutical products and wood products. This means that GS1 must accelerate work on, and allocate more resources to, the development of new solutions which enable companies to meet these demands.

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