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Christina Wergens appointed new CEO of GS1 Sweden


Christina Wergens has been appointed as CEO of GS1 Sweden, succeeding Bo Raattamaa, who is retiring after some 10 years in the role as CEO.

Using GS1 trade item numbers in China


For a number of years foreign companies manufacturing products in China intended for the Chinese market have not been able to mark their trade items with a GS1 trade item number (GTIN) from a country other than China. They have been required to mark items with a GTIN from GS1 China. GS1’s global organisation and GS1 China have now reached an interim agreement which means that foreign companies can mark trade items manufactured in China and intended for the Chinese market with a GTIN from a country other than China. According to the agreement the GTIN must be registered with GS1 China together with a photograph of the item.

New subscription fees for GS1 Company Prefix


GS1 Sweden is reviewing its charges for subscriptions to a GS1 company prefix, also called a number series, from 1 January 2013. The annual subscription fee is payable in advance and invoices for 2013 will be sent to customers during the end of November 2012.