GDSN Release 3.1.12 now in production


On May 9, GDSN Release 3.1.12 was put into production.

The 3.1.12 release features updates to the Swedish specification for GS1 trade item information, including new attributes and validation rules.

Several minor corrections have also been made to global validation rules:

  • Validations 1678 & 1679: Rules were mistakenly removed from the validation rule document, now restored
  • Validation 1685: Xpath for attribute animalFeedingDescriptionOnANutrient was missing, now added
  • Validation 1663: Updated error message
  • Validation 1702: Corrected incorrect xpath

Updated documentation is available at the following link: Current specifications (Scroll to the bottom of the page.)

Please send any questions or feedback regarding the release to Lena Grönlund or Henrik Stubbans.

Warm regards from GS1 Sweden