Upcoming GDSN Release 3.1.11


On February 15, 2020, GDSN will be updated to version 3.1.11.

The release includes a new term, T4271 Alcoholic beverage sugar content, which is used to state how much sugar an alcoholic beverage contains, measured in grams per liter. The latter unit of measurement will be translated and activated in the measurement unit code list, T3780.

A new validation rule will be introduced to support the term, 730587. Two additional validation rules will be added: one technical validation (730585), and one validation related to price comparison measurements (730583).

The global 3.1.11 update features only new codes in existing code lists. We will add the new English values in code lists that have been updated, but these values will not be translated to Swedish.

Global documentation for 3.1.11 is currently delayed, including code lists, which means we will publish updated test code lists during week 2 of 2020, on the test code list page.

Swedish documentation has been updated with information on the above changes, and is accessible under Upcoming specifications. (Scroll to the bottom of the page.)

Please contact our customer service with any questions about Release 3.1.11.

Lastly, please note that global documentation for GDSN Release 3.1.12 is delayed, and its content has not yet been decided upon. We will provide more information on this in the beginning of next year.

Greetings and happy holidays from GS1 Sweden!