About the organisation

GS1 Sweden is part of the worldwide sector-neutral GS1 not-for-profit organisation. The core of operations is our standards which make a company’s business processes more efficient and simplify trade globally and locally.

GS1 makes your goods and information flows more efficient

From the outset, GS1 has developed standards which make goods and information flows more efficient for companies worldwide. In Europe, EAN was founded in 1977 with Sweden as one of its member countries. Since then the organisation has simplified trade for companies in many different sectors.

We know that there are challenges and together with GS1 Sweden we are working in the sector to find a common approach to handling the new rules for food information.” — Lena Sparring, Product Quality Manager, ICA

In 2005 we changed our name from EAN Sverige to GS1 Sweden as a result of the merger of the European EAN organisation and the North American UCC organisation.

GS1 Sweden is owned equally by the Grocery Manufacturers of Sweden (DLF) and the Swedish Grocery Retailers Association (SvDH), who were also those that founded EAN, GS1’s predecessor.

GS1 is governed by a “Management Board” where key persons from multinational companies, retailers, suppliers and GS1’s member organisations are represented. Members come from different companies around the world and from different sectors. GS1 Sweden is committed to following GS1’s global regulations.

More than 12,000 companies and organisations are today customers of GS1 Sweden.”