About GS1

GS1 is a global standards organisation. We work on a not-for-profit basis and any surplus is reinvested in operations for the benefit of our customers.

To change and improve the ability of companies and sectors to develop their businesses and operations has been the driving force behind GS1 Sweden for 40 years.

GS1 standards allow products, services and places worldwide to be identified and traced. Data can be collected and transmitted automatically, securely and accurately within and between the information systems of different stakeholders.

GS1 provides a neutral arena for cooperation. GS1 standards and solutions contribute to creating business benefits in the form of traceability, product and patient safety, and efficiency throughout the value chain from manufacturer to end customer.

GS1 Sweden is continuously showing a healthy unsatisfaction with the ‘status quo’ by challenging its operation to do it better and better through Leadership, Passion and Innovation. GS1 Sweden is always providing the best standards, services and solutions to its customers and the global community of GS1 users.” — Miguel Lopera, GS1 President & CEO

Your sector

GS1’s standards are designed to suit all types of company regardless of which sector the company operates in or how large or small the company is. This is a great advantage for companies that operate in several sectors in parallel.

Our standards

GS1 standards are used to identify items, places and parties, as well as for capturing and sharing information automatically.