Fees for GS1 Company Prefix

A company pays an initial fee and an annual fee for a subscription to a GS1 Company Prefix. The amount of these fees is based on the company’s annual sales. A government agency as well as a company manufacturing pharmaceuticals or implants pay special fees..

For the first year, a company pays an annual subscription fee which is proportional to the number of months remaining in that year.

Become a GS1 customer

If a company already subscribes to a GS1 Company Prefix and orders a further one, a 50% discount is applied to the initial fee and the annual subscription fee. Note that this does not apply to single numbers.

Fees for private companys and organizations

Company sales
(SEK millions)
Initial fee
Annual subscription fee
0-3  1 435 1 435
3-10 3 670 3 670
10-25 5 545 5 545
25-100 7 530 7 530
100-500 12 450 12 450
500-1000 16 210 16 210
1000-5000 19 450 19 450
5000-10000 23 740 23 740
Mer än 10000 28 050 28 050

Fees for "single numbers"*

  Initial fee
Annual subscription fee
Company sales less than 1 mn SEK 675 550
Company sales 1 - 100 mn SEK 1 435 1 350
Company sales 100 - 1000 mn SEK 1 570 1 570
Company sales more than 1000 mn SEK 1 780 1 780

*  Note that a single number only can be used to mark one item with a barcode, identify one unit/person/company and/or create SSCC. When ordering a single number the initial fee is only charged the first year. The following year the annual subscription fee is charged.

Fees for municipalities and county councils

  Initial fee
Annual subscription fee
Municipalities and county councils 16 200 16 200

Fees for transferring

When transferring a prefix or service the recipient gets charged an administration fee of 400 SEK/ prefix or service.

Fees for government agencies

There are special fees for government agencies.

Fees for government agencies

Fees for companies manufacturing pharmaceuticals or implants

There are special fees companies manufacturing pharmaceuticals or implants.

Fees for companies manufacturing pharmaceuticals or implants

This is included in the subscription fee

Ordering a GS1 Company Prefix for your company gives you access to the entire GS1 System. Its three components are:

  • Identification
  • Data carriers (barcodes and RFID tags)
  • Business processes for eCommerce.

A subscription to a GS1 Company Prefix also includes:

  • GS1 Sweden newsletter
  • Support (telephone and e-mail)
  • The option to visit GS1 Sweden Concept Centre
  • The option to participate in national and international user groups
  • Publication of contact information in GS1 Number Information Service
  • Registration in ONS (Object Naming Service)

A subscription does not include:

  • Courses and seminars
  • Our Validoo services
  • Consulting services/site visits to individual companies.