Measurement rules

When you measure the dimensions of the package, such as height, width, depth or weight, it is essential that you follow the measurement rules. When the dimensions in the trade item information are those of the physical item, then shelf planning will work, transport can be planned so that there is room for everything and optimal use is made of the trucks’ capacity.

Measure the outer dimensions of a package

Always measure the outer dimensions of a package, since they are needed for shelf planning and during transportation. If you use the inner dimensions, sent to you by your packaging material supplier, it may cause troubles for your customer’s planning.

Measurement rules for consumer unit and non-consumer unit

The complete measurent rules are described in GDSN Package Measurement Rules. Note that there are different measurement rules depending on whether the item is a consumer unit or not.

Download GDSN Package Measurement Rules (.pdf, 2 MB)

GS1 Sweden’s service Validoo Q-lab can help you verify that you have followed the measurement rules. Validoo Q-lab compares the Trade Item Information with a sample by measuring and weighing the samples, so that the information is right when it reaches the buyer.