1. Introduction

2. Index by data element name

3. Index by data element tag


1. Introduction

The Data Elements and Code Sets Directory contains a list of all data elements which appear in segments in the EANCOM® 1997 messages. For coded data elements the appropriate code set is highlighted.

For each data element the following information is provided: Tag, name and description. In addition for all coded data elements the code values associated with the data element, their names, and descriptions are indicated.

The majority of the code values in the EANCOM® 1997 code sets are taken directly from the EDIFACT D.96A directory which was published in March 1996.

Additionally some code values which are EANCOM® specific are also included in the code sets. These codes are not part of the EDIFACT directory and have been allocated temporary code values in advance of EDIFACT code values being made available.

The temporary code values are easily recognisable by the '(EAN Code)', '(EAN Code - Book)', or (SWIFT Code) message immediately following the code. The '(EAN Code - Book)' and (SWIFT Code) codes were included in the codelist with the approval of respectively the book industry and SWIFT.

All temporary code values contained in this release of the code sets have been forwarded to UN/CEFACT by EAN HO in order for them to be replaced by official EDIFACT code values in due course.

Code values with a '+' sign before the code name are codes which have been added to the code sets after July 1999.

Any user requiring additional code values not currently contained in the EANCOM® code sets should address their needs to their local EAN member organisation via the change requests procedure (See Part I, Section 3.4).

Accepted change requests for additional code values may be implemented bi-laterally among trading partners before they appear in the EANCOM® code sets.


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